When a vehicle is ordered and arrives here in Trinidad, it goes through “King Xtreme Racings’ ” strategic, servicing, and detailing which is inclusive to but not limited to the following.

  • Engine & under wash detailing.

  • All scratches/small sinks or dents addressed.

  • Microfine detailing and buffing of the entire vehicle (Using a three-stage micro fine sanding process before buffing the vehicle, resulting in a smooth, rich, glossy new from the dealership finish)

  • Steam shampoo of the entire interior http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSX4-aPBr_A

  • Diagnostic testing of the vehicle.

  • Tuning of Japanese radio to local radio channels.

  • Total servicing of engine inclusive of engine oil & filter change.

  • Fuel filter change.

  • Servicing of injectors.

  • Spark plugs replaced.

  • Suspension and alignment inspection.

  • Air filter change.

  • Transmission oil change.

  • After this, the vehicle is licensed and then delivered to the customer.


As a diversified business we’ve gained many partners during the years we have been in service. One of our many partners is Guaymay Alliance Credit Union, which was formally Amoco Employees Credit Union and made the transition in 1975. Through the use of this well-organized business that has a strong foundation behind them (BPTT), you will be able to get the financing you need to acquire any vehicle in our inventory and more. 

How the Financing Works

Normal Lending criteria are as follows:

  • Job Letter from current employer

  • Utility bill showing current address

  • Recent payslip

  •  Two forms of I.D

  • 25% Down Payment (Vehicle Insurance financed if needed)


Yet another one of our many partners we’ve gained is SERENES INSURANCE  a partner of New India Insurance. Through the collaboration with Serenes Insurance you the customer gains many benefits, such as and are not limited to:

  • Discounts on Fully Comprehensive Insurance

  • Discounts on each vehicle purchased from KING XTREME RACING

  • Discounts on each vehicle financed by Guaymay Alliance Credit Union

Serenes Insurance also provides services not given by other Insurances, such as:

  • Insurance for Windscreens front, back, and also side windows

  • Through the loss of use of your vehicle you the customer is granted$2000 for use to rent a vehicle

  • 24/7 Road Side Service FREE

 If you’re interested in a vehicle thats’ currently not on our website or has been sold out, feel free to contact us using the contact page of this website. We can always source any vehicle for you once it’s within the six (6) year age requirements.

Thanks for considering King Xtreme Racing in providing you with a quality vehicle to own.

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